Safety Guidance

  1. All broken glass should be taken away from the site
  2. Paths around plots should be kept safe to walk on (no potholes or obstructions)
  3. Suitable footwear should be worn for tasks (no open sandals with forks!)
  4. Unsafe material (barbed wire, nail projecting from wood…) should not be taken on the site.
  5. Chemicals (insecticides, weedkillers etc.) should be kept in a safe container or preferably off site. When using insecticides or weedkillers do not rinse containers in main water tanks.
  6. All sharp tools should be kept in a safe box
  7. Lawnmowers, Rotavators should be covered up
  8. If poisonous plants are found on the site i.e. deadly nightshade, they should be pulled up.
  9. Although there is a first aid kit in the shed, it is a good idea to have your own basic fist aid with you as well as a mobile phone – if you have one –
  10. Keep your tetanus inoculations up to date
  11. Take extra care when driving around the site
  12. When using all mechanical equipment, ensure that you read and follow the safety instructions and that you wear suitable clothing.
  13. Report all accidents to the committee – accident book kept in the shed –
  14. Parents bringing children on the site should ensure that they are suitably supervised.