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Q1. What is the best planting pattern to use when growing sweetcorn?


Q2. At what time of year does potato blight usually affect the site?


We tend to get late blight, if we do. It is air-borne, carried by warm summer rain, and not all of  the site is affected.


Since 2000 I have only had two attacks of  potato blight, and only affecting main crops. It can be avoided by only growing early and second early potatoes. This has the double advantage of freeing ground for later planting. If main crop potatoes are affected , and prompt action is taken you can still get a crop, though potatoes will be smaller. It is not always easy to differentiate between normal die back and blight at first.


These are more problematical.

2018 was a brilliant year.

2017 blight struck in the 2nd week of August and we still have a good supply of green tomato chutney.

Tomatoes are best grown under cover if possible, and sticking to smaller varieties like gardeners delight which ripen more quickly.

Or stick to blight resistant varieties.

Suttons have one that is reputed to have good flavour ( it was developed for flavour and then found to be resistant to blight)

I have only tried the Kings so far, which they said was better. It did survive the 2017 attack, but the flavour was poor.

Frances (Plot 86)