Allotment Pathways

Getting all members to look after and maintain their paths around their allotment growing area has always been a challenge and although the Society has mowers for Members to use a fair number of paths are in an unruly state causing a potential safety hazard. As a rule of thumb if you can’t see the edge of your plot then you cannot see if there are any potholes or other hazards.

The Society’s aim is to have the site looking exceptional but this means all members doing their bit.

There are some photos below of how we would like to see all paths maintained:


To help with edging your plot and achieving a straight line place a line of string along the edge and then, taking a spade, dig keeping the spade upright – this will give a decent edge to your plot.  Lining your plot edges with those of neighbouring plots will also prevent “land grabbing”.  Over the years a lot of paths have become narrower due to members not deciphering their border correctly and we need this to stop.

Wide straight paths will also make mowing and/or strimming a whole lot easier.




Neat and tidy paths and borders will make the whole plot look a lot better even when it hasn’t been prepared for planting.  Paths and borders should be near the top of your list for maintenance.

Paths should be wide enough for a wheelbarrow to be pushed down easily.

Here is a photo of a path / border that has been maintained and as you will see even when the grass needs cutting you can still see the edges of the plot and avoid any trip hazards:



Plot inspections are carried out least three times a year and, from 2019, these will include the state of paths / borders and Members will be contacted if they are in a poor state.  Failures will include paths like those shown in the photographs below:




Can we make sure that during the growing season Members make the effort to get their paths looking tip top and replicating the standards of the members that do such a good job!

It would be good if we were in a position to enter the best allotment site competition and earn the society some much needed funds!!